About us

Rent a bicycle for a good cause

Lemonbike is a young bike rental company that does things differently. With extra services such as delivery and collection, free route map and bicycle bag.

What also distinguishes us is our social attribution for people in our society with a physical or mental disability. Cycling is not possible for these people every day, but it is still a wonderful thing to be able to do. Being outside riding a bike, getting out of loneliness or isolation and enjoying the beautiful Bollenstreek.

We have a wide range of special, adapted bicycles for this. Free to use for people from the region and to rent for visitors from further afield but at very low prices.

We will continue to innovate and expand this range with the rental income. And make a social contribution to an increasingly large group of people. Local elderly and young people and for holidaymakers from all over the country. This way they can do more fun things together again

With sportive greetings,
The Lemon Bike Team