About us

Rent a bicycle for a good cause

Lemonbike is a young bike rental company that does things differently, with extra services such as delivery and pick-up outside opening hours. We only want happy customers and that is why service is our top priority. Your holiday or trip on our bicycle should be a carefree and nice experience.
Besides that, we have an important social mission. We want to make social impact with bike rental for people in our society who need a helping hand, such as people with a physical or mental disability. Cycling is not always possible for these people, but for them we have special bikes available, to get out of the loneliness and isolation.

We rent out these bikes but also offer them for free to people in our villages, their families, and those who cannot afford this.
With part of the rental income, we will continue to expand this range of special bicycles and make a social contribution. This way they can go out more often and enjoy the beautiful village and region.
Through the rental income we will also make an effort to recruit volunteers who can occasionally take a ride on the duo bikes with an older or younger person with a disability who can no longer cycle independently on a regular bicycle.