Electric bicycle - E-bike

You can also rent these electric bicycles from us

The electric bicycle rides wonderfully relaxed, even with a headwind or uphill. This way you can make beautiful, long bike rides through the dunes to Zandvoort or Scheveningen without any extra effort. Or a visit to Leiden or Haarlem. Why not make it yourself easy and enjoy the that holiday feeling! The e-bikes can be rented at Lemonbike.

We have a very large stock of new Giant and Gazelle e-bikes. Luxury bicycles with 7 gears, a comfortable mid-engine and extra strong battery for a large range of up to 125 km. Available in various sizes.

With the e-bike it comes a bicycle bag without any charge. We can also mount child seats on this bicycle or a dogcart or kidcar behind the it.

Don’t worry, bike happy!


Did you know that our bicycles used young are also for sale? Have a look at our “second hand bike” website. 

You can also rent these electric bicycles