Keukenhof bike rental

Lemonbike bike rental is available again this year with a rental shop near Keukenhof, in the middle of the beautiful blooming tulip fields.

Rent a bike Keukenhof - Location Lisse-Hillegom

Bike rental Keukenhof? For this you can go to Lemonbike bike rental Lisse – Hillegom! Close to Keukenhof, we have a beautiful pop-up shop in collaboration with and at garden center Hulsebosch – Bij de Hertjes. A nice bonus is that you can park here for free.

Our Keukenhof bike rental opens the 23rd of March, but you can already make your booking for your Keukenhof bikes! 

The address of this location is:

Veenenburgerlaan 73A
2182 DB Lisse – Hillegom
+31 (0)85 4001006

At Hulsebosch Bij de Hertjes
Free parking

Electric bike rent Keukenhof Lisse

Prefer a push in the back? Our electric bicycle rides wonderfully and relaxed. This way you only have to enjoy the beautiful Bulb fields that you come across!

Bike rental Keukenhof - Location Noordwijk

Is one of our other Lemonbike locations closer to your (holiday) address? No problem! You can also rent a bicycle at one or our other locations. We also offer free parking at Lemonbike Noordwijk. Both shops in Lisse and Noordwijk are easily accessible by public transport.

We have beautiful cycling routes available along the bulb fields for all locations. You will also receive a road map from us, but we also have it available digitally.

Rent a bike Lisse - available bikes

  • Luxury city bike with 7 gears
  • E-bike
  • E-chopper / E-scooter
  • Cargo bike and electric cargo bike 
  • Children bike
  • Tandem and electric tandem
  • Parent-Child tandem, also electric 

With the bike you get a free bicycle bag and a phone holder.

Keukenhof by bike: which rental bike do you choose?

Keukenhof bike rental? We can help you choose the perfect bike! On the e-chopper is of course very comfortable. Our electric scooter is suitable for two people, but alone on the e-chopper is more fun.Book in time to be sure of availability.

Renting a tandem is also very fun. It may takes some time getting used to drive on a tandem, but is always good for a lot of fun. We also have electric tandems available.

Hillegom- Lisse bike rental also offers electric cargo bikesideally suited to admire the tulip fields with small children. For the children we also have children’s bicycles and the parent-child tandem.

Where are the most beautiful tulip fields?

You will find the most beautiful tulip fields around our Lemonbike bike rental Keukenhof. The tulip fields extend from Noordwijk to De Zilk. Lisse is locatie between both villages. You can rent a bike at Lemonbike Noordwijk or Hillegom-Lisse. It hardly matters where you get on, because you are surrounded by the splendor of colors everywhere.

Would you also like to visit Keukenhof? By bike it is only 10 minutes from our Lemonbike bike rental Hillegom – Lisse, and we offer free parking.

We are easy to reach in Noordwijk by public transport. You can have a look on for all public transport information. 

Tips and beautiful bike routes

fiets huren keukenhof
Tulip route
fietsverhuur keukenhof
Flower route
fiets huren lisse
More cycling routes in the area

Tickets for attractions along the way

Nice stops for a bite or drink

  • Hofboederij Kasteel Keukenhof
  • Lowietje
  • Het Tussenstation
  • Restaurant de Engel
  • Como & Co