Rent a Mountain Bike

Our mountain bikes are ideal for the beautiful MTB / ATB trials in the Noordwijk dunes and forests. We rent these bikes in sizes medium and large and for children we have a small size. You can reserve a helmet at accessories.

Electric Mountain Bike

The electric mountain bike is your ideal friend for longer rides on the road and of course the beautiful trails. The Bosch Performance mid-engine makes driving uphill easier. The Air Suspension fork offers you the necessary comfort for the bumps on the road surface or on the trail.

Fatbike (also electric)

The Fatbike is a tough version of the mountain bike, more of a fun bike than an MTB. Also because this bike has only 8 gears, it is not suitable for cycling on the trials.

The super wide tires give the bike a very cool look. Despite the fat tires, it is a light bike and great to ride. You can rent the fatbike per day, in our shop in Noordwijk and Katwijk.

We can also deliver these bicycles to your holiday address.

Pay attention! Cycling on the beach is prohibited by the municipality.