MTB Routes

MTB routes in Noordwijk-Noordwijkerhout

Below are some of the routes laid out by the MTB association the NoordBikers. The routes are all singletrack with a fixed start and end point. So there is only one direction of travel!

The descriptions below are taken from the website of the Noordbikers.
Total course length 7.6 km, 168 vertical meters.

More information about renting a mountain bike can be found here.

Tips voor beginnende MTB-ers

Heb je een MTB gehuurd bij Lemonbike en heb je nog niet veel ervaring dan volgen hieronder wat tips om leuker en beter de fietsen en de slijtage aan de fietsen te reduceren.

  • Zet tijdens het schakelen minder tot geen druk op de pedalen anders heeft de derailleur moeite om van tandwiel te wisselen en trapt deze door
  • Anticipeer daarom met schakelen op de steilere stukken omhoog dat je al schakelt voordat je omhoog gaat anders loop je de kans om stil te vallen omdat het schakelen niet lukt met veel druk op de pedalen
  • Let op met 3 tandwielen voor en 7 achter dat je de ketting nooit helemaal linksvoor en rechtsachter hebt, of andersom. Dit veroorzaakt slijtage en schade aan ketting en tandwielen

Fijn als je hiermee rekening houdt, dat voorkomt onnodige uitval en reparatie.

Route description to the starting point of the trail part 1

There are several routes from Lemonbike Noordwijk to the mountain bike path. Click on Google maps for the routes.
Coordinates to enter on Google Maps: 52°15’42.1″N 4°27’11.9″E

Starting point not indicated on Google maps:
At the end of the Bosweg, take the dune path. Follow the dune path, first crossing RIGHT, second crossing LEFT. The mountain bike trail starts on your left.

Route description to the starting point of the trail part 2

Navigation address by car/bicycle:
Parking Duindamseslag, Randweg 25, Noordwijk

Drive with the mountainbike into the forest. The trail starts after 100 meters on the right side.

Route 1

Directly from the starting point you start in a few nice bends that turn into a fast climb. The next bends turn into a false flat where the heart rate starts to rise considerably. A natural staircase descent is followed by a fast pendulum that turns into another slope. The climb is only a run-up to a steep end where you can break down and the thighs are already protesting quite a bit. You get a bit of rest in the follow-up route if you can keep up your speed. A long bend in a bowl leads again to a natural staircase that is a bit longer and goes straight into a number of fast pendulums. Here you have passed the bridle path. A long descent leads up to the final steep climb that is best taken by not losing speed in the bend. Roll out to the end with your tongue on the handlebars.

On the asphalt turn right on the way to part 2. Follow the dune path, at the intersection turn right onto the Duindamseslag, after 400 meters track 2 starts on your left.

Route 2

From the asphalt/bicycle path you drive at full speed left onto the track. A slight pendulum won’t slow you down much and if you take the bends well you can keep this up until just after passing the bridleway. Short corners follow, make sure you take speed with you in the short climb. After passing the beams, turn on and go into the next part at full speed. After the long bend to the left, turn on until you have passed the tree and speed up again. Meandering to the asphalt transition where you take every bend slightly differently. Speed ​​up the straight for the jump (or drive past it) and again a few nice turns that you can take at speed. A sharp left turn will take your speed out just before you get to a steep climb that can also be grubby. Now out of breath, the trail continues up the slope. Only when you are through the trees can you recover for a while. Just past the bench with the bend to the left, immediately up again. A nice calf biter, but once at the top the next part is relatively flat. You will have to send in the following garlands well to come out well. Bring your speed into the descent with drop-offs into the next bend to keep up momentum for the climb. The descent over the bars is bumpy until the bend at the end. Your legs say otherwise but push with whatever you have left to drive up the slope. Keep this up because there is another slope immediately after. The very last descent is fast with roots and bumps so watch out for this. You can rest for a while in the indicated room or turn left towards part 3 or right towards part 1 and 4. You will also find a Q-code here to make a small donation to the association of volunteers for maintenance.

Continue to the third part of the route: turn left and follow the cycle path for about 700m until the intersection at StayOkay. Cross to the Langevelderlaan. After about 1 km at the bend you cross the road diagonally where the marked trail immediately starts.

mtb route 2

Route 3 – Route Boekhorsterweg

You descend and climb a number of times in a row, skimming close to the trees. Soon you come to the rock garden. You can’t avoid this one, but it is doable for everyone. Immediately to the right you go up steeply again where you have to push hard. It remains flat for a while but with a few sharp bends. You make a 180 degree turn and follow the route. Here you also have the choice to take the rock garden. Note is difficulty red and black across the pallets. If you follow the route, you will get beautiful streamers with a nice flow. At the end descend and sharply to the right. Now speed up a bit and slow down in time for a few cunning turns. Up the slope where halfway through you have the option to take the rock garden on the left. Difficulty green. At the end, turn hard once more and cross the cycle path between the beams. The entire next part is characterized by a lot of cornering and tempo changes. The flow is good, although you will often have to turn it on again to gain speed. At the end you can choose the chinken run on the left or the natural tree root descent straight ahead. Into the asphalt over the last part. When leaving the route, turn right back towards StayOkay.

mtb route 3

Route 4 – Aubergine / Randweg

On the other side of the Duindamse Slag car park near the old radio mast, take the right path onto the track. After the first windings on the slope, there is a steep climb where you have to take speed from the bend in front of it to get to the top. Slightly ascending and descending you will come to a somewhat flatter part of the trail. A jump has been built in here that you can also pass. The next part slowly gets a bit steeper with more pendulums that are easy to ride. At the end with the bend to the left and back up, then it really starts. Immediately a nice long climb where your heart rate goes to the ceiling. Then rest for a while, but not for long. First a small climb followed by a steep climb that continues for a while. Then another part with light descents where you cross the slope and good steering is a must. Keep your eyes on the path and not on the beautiful hinterland that is clearly visible here. Take your speed into the next and final climb. The final descent is a fast one over a narrow path so keep your leash in mind. You can now turn left for another round or right towards part 1.

mtb route 4

Route 5 – Extra lus naar De Zilk

This route goes around the Oostduinse lake and is largely paved and flat. At the end of route 4 do not go back but turn left, left at the roundabout, past the sports fields, at the end left towards Lisse, under the N206, turn left. At the end at the intersection left, go under the road, turn right you will find another small trail and then drive back on the other side of the N206, after approx. 600mm turn right immediately after a small canal and cycle around the lake back to StayOkay.

At “Lake Como” you will find two very nice stops to catch your breath:
– Mama
– Como & Co